"What Librarians Should Know About SharePoint," Montague Institute Review, April 2011. Ten thing librarians need to know to help their organizations increase the return on their organization's SharePoint investment.

Customizing & Governing the SharePoint Search System. This book combines high-level strategic concepts with detailed how-to instructions and planning guidelines. Sample chapter. Table of Contents and preface. July 2011

"Ten Things Knowledge Managers Should Know About SharePoint," Montague Institute Review, October 2011. Describes ten factors that can make or break the success of a SharePoint implementation.

"Global vs. Local Taxonomies in SharePoint," Montague Institute Review, June, 2012. SharePoint 2010 lets you create metadata -- i.e. topic hierarchies (taxonomies) and controlled vocabularies (keywords) -- both at the organization and group level. In this article I'll discuss some of the design issues, look at how to implement them in the SharePoint Managed Metadata Service, review the implications for users, and offer some planning suggestions.