The following is a partial list of articles, conference papers, graphic design by and about Jean Graef.

Books and articles by Jean Graef
Customizing & Governing the SharePoint 2010 Search System, Montague Institute, 2011.

"SharePoint Search - An Enterprise Contender?," Enterprise Search Sourcebook, February 6, 2008.

"Best of both worlds: case study on enterprise search in practice," Enterprise Search Sourcebook, October 4, 2006.

"Choosing a planning model for intranet success," Intranets Today, September-October, 2005.

"Collaborative taxonomies revisited," Intranets Today, May-June, 2005.

"Managing taxonomies strategically," Montague Institute Review, March, 2001.

"Piecing together client information on the Web," originally published in Sales & Field Force Automation, May, 1998.

"Organizing information services for R&D," Research Technology Management, July, 1998.

Executive Briefing: CFO's Guide to Intellectual Capital, Montague Institute, 1997 (18.8 mb)

"Using the Internet for Competitive Intelligence," first published on the CIO magazine Web site, 1995.

"The LIBS 100 System: A Technological Perspective," CLSI Newsletter, Fall - Winter, 1977

Best of the Montague Institute Review, selected articles from the Web journal created, edited, and published by Jean Graef from 1993 - 2011.

Articles about Jean Graef
"Real estate ownership as executive benefit," New England Business, May 4, 1987

Graphic design
Real estate as an employee benefit property brochure

Conference papers (prior to 1985)
"Achieving Manufacturing Flexibility through Product Design," Technical Paper, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, CASA conference, Anaheim, 1985.

"Four Approaches to Microcomputer Laboratory Interfacing," The Science Teacher, April, 1983. Also presented at the Pittsburgh Analytical Conference. Atlantic City, 1983.

"Marketing Library Services: A Case Study in Providing Bibliographic Services," Association of Research Libraries, Boston, 1978.

"Interfacing Independent Automated Library Systems," Association of Research Libraries, Boston, 1978.