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Established 1992


Customizing & Governing the SharePoint Search System. This book combines high-level strategic concepts with detailed how-to instructions and planning guidelines. 2011

CFO's Guide to Intellectual Capital. An overview of intellectual capital-what it is, why companies are paying closer attention to it, and how it is being measured and managed as human capital plus "structural" capital (e.g. databases, documents). 1997


About the Montague Institute

For more than 30 years, Montague Institute founder Jean Graef has been helping large, knowledge-intensive organizations plan for and use new information technologies. She is known for her ability to spot emerging trends and explain their implications for different applications, organization units, and staff roles. Her problem-definition process and Web-based taxonomy lab have been used by more than a dozen organizations to create and integrate classification schemes that enhance access to internal know-how. She has written over 300 articles and conference papers. She has conducted workshops for individual organizations as well as associations and universities.

Jean is currently working with a federal agency to update and maintain a knowledge base that she designed for them in 2008. She is available on a limited basis for consulting engagements.


Research Libraries
Computer-based Library Systems
Microcomputers in Science Teaching
Real Estate as an Executive Benefit
Knowledge Base Publishing


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